The Anglican Church of St. Thomas, Kefalas - Company Message

 The prayernet consists of about 30 people who respond to requests by praying for individuals or families. I receive requests and then pass them on to people in the prayernet, asking them to pray for people, usually for a week or two, but sometimes for longer if needed. 

I usually receive updates about how our prayers are working, it is lovely to hear of people who appreciate our prayers and experience healing. All this correspondence is conducted by email, and is not very onerous or time consuming. 

We currently have members in Crete, UK and USA! It would be wonderful to have more people involved – the more prayers the better. 

So, if you feel that you could help by adding others to your prayers do please contact Sue at: 

Tel:                              0030 28253  00657

All prayer requests remain confidential to members of the prayer net.
We do please ask that those requesting prayer provide an update of the progress of those held in our prayers.

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