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We are the only Anglican church on Crete. However, all Christian denominations are welcome at our services. We are situated within the Apokoronas area of Crete, east of Chania, in the picturesque rural village of Kefalas.

We hope that this website will guide you around the Parish - our worship, events and organisations and contact points for any further information.

The Anglican Church of

St. Thomas, Kefalas.

Forty Days


Forty Nights

Lent is forty days. The Western tradition is to not include Sundays, so if you count back from Easter, Holy Saturday/Easter Eve is the last day, and Ash Wednesday is the first. As Easter in the Gregorian Calendar falls this year on March 31, this means that Ash Wednesday is February 14.

The Eastern Orthodox do it differently. First of all, the Orthodox all follow the Julian calendar, which means their calculations of when Easter falls is different from the west; it can be the same Sunday, but is more usually between one and five weeks later. 2024 is one of those years where our Easter is early and Orthodox Easter is late, five weeks, on May 5.

Another couple of differences are that Holy Week is not considered part of "Great Lent", and the Sundays are included. As well, just before Palm Sunday is the unique observance of "Lazarus Saturday" which is a transition between the Fast of Lent and the glories of Holy Week. Thus, Lent ends on the Friday evening before Lazarus Saturday; count backwards forty days, and you arrive at a Monday - Clean Monday. This year Clean Monday falls on 18 March.

Of course, the point of Lent is not to get caught up in rules, but to carefully and perhaps even joyfully enter into a practice - an exercise or άσκησης - that allows us to draw closer to God. This may include refraining from something, such as meat, alcohol, or olive oil, but it can include taking something on, such as prayer, reading of scripture, giving to charity, or something else.

I invite you to join us this Sunday for the First Sunday of Lent. As always, you can join us on Sunday and on Wednesday at 11:00 am EET in person at the Tabernacle or online via Zoom: click here, or enter the following into your Zoom application: Meeting ID: 850 4483 9927 Passcode: 010209.

I will be away Sunday 25 February at General Synod in Westminster, and Fr Ian Brothwood has kindly agreed to preside and preach then. I expect I will be too busy to send out an email next Saturday, so here are the readings for tomorrow and next Sunday. If you click on the biblical citations you will be taken to a lectionary on the web with the NRSV translations. I have also included the PDFs for each Sunday with the hymns and the psalm for that day; just click on the hyperlink. 


18 February, The First Sunday of Lent

Hymns & Psalm

Genesis 9:8-17
Psalm 25:1-9
 Mark 1:9-15

25 February, The Second Sunday of Lent

Hymns & Psalm

Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
Psalm 22:22-30
Mark 8:31-38

I remind you that the 25th of February is the last Sunday of the month, and so "Extra-Giving Sunday". If you happen to have an extra tenner, perhaps put it in the collection basket? Thank you for helping to keep the congregation in the black! 

Below are some further announcements.

I hope and pray that this week is a blessing to you.


Bruce +




11:00 EET MARCH 1, 2024

The Anglican Church of St. Thomas,

Kefalas, Apokoronas, Crete

Hosted by: St.Thomas's Church of England &

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kreta


Our Bible Studies

There's always room for one or two more at our Small Group Bible Studies, so please come and join us!

  • While I am away the Wednesday night online group will take a break from the Book of Revelation, but it will still meet. We meet at 7:30 PM EET using the same Zoom meeting as we do for worship: click here, or enter the following into your Zoom application: Meeting ID: 850 4483 9927 Password: 010209.

  • Our in-person Monday Small Group Bible Study will be looking at the beginning of the passion narrative in the Gospel according to Mark, Chapter 12. We meet Mondays at 4:00 PM in the home of Sue Whitehouse, and all are welcome!

Coffee Morning, Saturday March 16

  • This is an early call for for goods for our next coffee morning which will be on Saturday March 16th. We need good quality bric a brac, household goods, non fiction books, especially cookery, gardening, history etc and, closer to the date plants. On the day, we need some cakes! Please speak to Charlotte Potter if you can help.

Thank You For A Successful Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party!

  • Many thanks to everyone who attended our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party and particularly our helpers Charlotte, Tony, Sue (Cretan Corner), Bruce & Jan. We made in excess of 90 pancakes, and around 40 participants attended, including old friends and new. A great outreach event!

  • 223.00 Euros were made to assist with the mission of the congregation.

  • Again, thank you!                  Mary, David & Sue

You can read the latest Environment Bulletin of the Church of England by clicking here:

  • Read about the Church of England's plans to strengthen its response to the biodiversity crisis

  • Explore Lent courses focused on climate justice

  • Find out about A Rocha UK's Support Nature 2030 campaign

  • And download new signs for flowery areas in churchyards 




The safety and well-being of our members and those whom we seek to serve, especially the most vulnerable among us, is a prerequisite to proclaiming the good news.​


If you have a complaint about the behaviour of any of our clergy or volunteers you may speak in confidence with our Safeguarding Officer, Jan Lovell, at

 +30 28250 22756 or

Alternatively, you may contact the Safeguarding Team of the Diocese in Europe directly at +44 (0)207 898 1163, or visit their page at for more ways to contact them. 

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