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Are you experiencing a rough patch in your life? We all have times when we are having problems, either healthwise, mentally or emotionally. Or do you know of someone who is in a difficult place at present?


The Prayernet consists of people who pray for others in need, either for a week or two, or sometimes longer. If you would like the support of extra prayers, or would like to join the Prayernet to pray for others in need, please contact me.


All this work is done by email and is confidential to the members of the Prayernet. The Prayernet is a vibrant, worldwide community of people who enjoy being able to support people through prayer.


Do contact me for help or further information: or on +3028253 00657


I usually receive updates about how our prayers are working, it is lovely to hear of people who appreciate our prayers and experience healing. All this correspondence is conducted by email, and is not very onerous or time consuming.



All prayer requests remain confidential to members of the prayer net.

We do please ask that those requesting prayer provide an update of the progress of those held in our prayers.

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