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Weddings and Blessings in Crete

Are you thinking of having your wedding blessed or getting married in Crete? Do you want to celebrate a special anniversary? We can help you. The priests here are very willing to talk over what you would like.

We have a beautiful church overlooking the White Mountains for your ceremony or we are also very happy to lead the service at a suitable venue of your choice. If you want to arrange the marriage yourself we can help with our contacts for venues, flowers, photographers, printers etc. We also have some families who would be happy to share their experience of arranging wedding blessings and their useful contacts here in Crete. If you want to involve a wedding planner we can also put you in touch with our contacts.

The basic wedding fee is from €400 Euros and if you want to use the church there is no extra charge. We want you to see and experience our lovely unique church. Of course extras you might want like printing etc will incur extra fees. Please contact us for further details.

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